The transition towards renewable energy systems is changing the world of energy supply. At the same time, energy efficient technology and smart design of energy systems contribute to a big decrease of energy use. Innovative projects like solar fields, smart grids and the use of waste products like residual heat and biogas change our global energy supply.

Many feasible projects supported by viable business cases have a big positive impact on organisations and businesses:

  • Lower financial expenses on energy;
  • A cleaner local environment;
  • Less dependent on global trends and threats related to the energy market;

This is the world of Ekwadraat and our field of operation.

Our company’s mission is to develop projects which save energy and generate renewable energy. We design feasible projects containing the latest innovations and ensure that projects are realized. Ekwadraat is your partner in the development of energy projects. We deliver:

  • Independent partnership: we are independent of suppliers and technology;
  • Broad technological experience on renewable and energy saving techniques and waste processing proven  technologies;
  • Comprehensive support during the entire implementation process and servicing;
  • Compliance with international standards, using our Russian partner EF-TEK for the Russian market;
  • Extended experience in implementing comprehensive and complex projects;
  • Collaboration with local partners to secure the input of local knowledge and support;
  • Reliability in cooperation with our a large international network and large track record;
  • Flexible solution tailored to our client’s needs.

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