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To combat climate change, we must reduce our CO2 emissions. In Europe it has been agreed that by 2030 we will have reduced CO2 emissions by 55% and by 2050 we will no longer emit any (fossil) CO2 at all. Do you have any idea how big your CO2 footprint is and how you can reduce it? Or do you increasingly have customers asking you the same question, but have no idea how big your footprint is or where to start to reduce it? Then we can help you. 

Ekwadraat provides insight into your CO2 footprint

Ekwadraat specializes in making companies and organizations more sustainable and energy efficient. We can calculate the CO2 footprint for your company. We do this by making an inventory of the CO2 emissions in the various processes of the organization. With this we determine the zero situation. Based on these results, we can draw up a CO2 reduction plan which describes how you can reduce your emissions and which possibilities there are to compensate your emissions in order to achieve a CO2-neutral organization. We can also support you in getting your footprint certified for the CO2 performance ladder, for example, or completing the Environmental Barometer or the Environmental Thermometer for Care.

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What is a CO2 footprint?

A CO2 footprint shows the emissions from the processes that take place within your organization. In the Netherlands, people often talk about the CO2 footprint. This is based on the emissions within three scopes, see image below:



Scope 1 is the direct emissions from burning fuels within the organization. This is, for example, the burning of natural gas for space and process heating or the burning of diesel in the vehicles owned by the organization;

Scope 2 is the indirect emissions from the purchase of electricity, as well as the purchase of steam, cold, heat and compressed air;

Scope 3 is all other indirect emissions, such as CO2 emissions from transportation vehicles not owned by the organization. For example, emissions from commuting, air travel and goods transport that is outsourced. But it also includes indirect emissions from the purchase of water and the processing of waste.

When we talk about CO2 emissions, we actually mean emissions of all greenhouse gases converted to CO2 equivalents. Methane and nitrous oxide are examples of gases that also contribute to global warming, whose emissions are converted to CO2 equivalents. The consumption of refrigerants such as R22, R134A in your refrigeration system is also part of your carbon footprint and is part of scope 1 emissions.

What can I do with the CO2 footprint?

The CO2 footprint gives insight into the effect of your organization on the environment. With that insight, you can then reduce emissions in a targeted way.

More and more organizations see their CO2 emissions as a KPI to provide insight both within and outside the organization into the path towards a CO2 neutral business.


Discount on the CO2 footprint calculation

The Energy Investment Allowance, or EIA for short, is a government tax scheme. When entrepreneurs invest in certain CO2-saving business assets, they can deduct 45% of the investment costs from the taxable profit. This means a benefit on the investment costs of over 11%!

Not only the assets, but also the CO2-emission reduction plan that Ekwadraat can draw up for your organization is eligible for the EIA. Within 24 months after completion of the plan investments have to be made in one or more company means mentioned in the plan and which are on the so-called Energy list in the year of investment. In addition, the plan must show that a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions in scope 1 and/or scope 2 by 2030, compared to the year in which the reduction plan was drawn up, is possible.

In addition to the Energy Investment Allowance, the government has more subsidy schemes to encourage investment in CO2-reducing measures. For example, the SDE++ subsidy.

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