Manure fermentation

Manure fermentation is the fermentation of only one product in a digester, namely manure. Manure fermentation is also called mono-manure fermentation. A manure digester provides opportunities for livestock farmers. For example, you are able to:

In addition, there are opportunities to place manure processing steps behind the mono-manure digester, thus limiting and/or reducing the cost of manure disposal.


Is manure fermentation interesting for my company?

It depends on the specific situation at your farm. There are several things of influence to determine the attractiveness of manure digestion. There are also different types of mono manure digesters. The type of barn, the size of the livestock, the size of the grid connection, the heat outlet options and the permits of your farm are all factors in determining the attractiveness of manure digestion at your farm.

There are also many opportunities for combining a mono-manure digester with a CHP, boiler or with feeding green gas into the grid. 

What does the development process look like?

In the development process of a manure digester, we at Ekwadraat follow the following structure. We start with the choice of concept and the corresponding business case. Here we find out what the most ideal installation is in your situation based on the information we have worked out from various installations. Next, the business case can also be used to obtain financing.

After that, you may need a permit. In many cases, a notification within the Activities Decree will suffice. In some cases, an environmental permit is required. Next we look at subsidy options. The most important subsidy for mono-manure fermentation is currently the SDE+ subsidy. We also have knowledge of other subsidies and can advise you on tax schemes. We then guide you in the financing and tendering of your project.

When your project is realized, a measurement protocol must be drawn up. You are then expected to provide an annual measurement report. This is a condition for obtaining the SDE+ subsidy. Finally, we help you prevent leaks, by means of biogas leak detection; with a special camera we can detect biogas leaks and repair them in cooperation with suppliers. 

The possibilities for manure fermentation

So, Ekwadraat can help you realize a manure digester by guiding you through the above processes. We help you from idea to realization and guide you even after realization.

Are you curious about the possibilities that manure fermentation offers for your company or do you want to realize a manure digester? Then we would like to help you. Ekwadraat has over 18 years of experience in developing digestion installations. We would like to help you realize a successful project. 

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Getting started with manure fermentation

Curious about the possibilities for realizing a manure digester? We are happy to help you from idea to realization.

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