Energie subsidy

Encouraging energy conservation and renewable energy are two important means for the current administration to achieve the sustainability goals of the climate agreement. For this reason, a number of incentive schemes have been established.

There are subsidies, as well as tax breaks and other fiscal measures. In this article, we take you through the subsidy landscape for energy-related projects.

What energy subsidies and measures are there?

In general, we can divide energy and sustainability subsidies and measures into the following categories:

  • Innovation grants
  • Renewable energy subsidies
  • Energy conservation subsidies

Within these categories there are several specific grants and schemes available. Based on your project or project idea, you can determine which grants you may be eligible for.

Which subsidy fits my project?

Each grant has its own specific characteristics. As a result, it can be difficult to figure out which grant(s) your project is eligible for.

In addition, you can combine some grants and schemes and not others. For most projects and ideas in the field of renewable energy and energy savings, subsidies are needed to create an attractive business case.

It is therefore very important to find out which subsidies are available for your project and which combinations are possible.

For this reason Ekwadraat has developed a subsidy scan, in which we examine which subsidy best suits your specific project idea. We examine all national schemes, as described above, but we also look at regional subsidies.

When it is clear what subsidy opportunities are available for your project, we can apply for them for you. The goal is to get your business case closed, so you can realize your project.

Energy subsidy application

Would you like to know more about the subsidy scan or are you curious about the subsidy possibilities for your project? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Application Guidance

To achieve successful submission of a grant application, we work according to the following method:

  1. Research ambitions and plans of the entrepreneur
  2. Research connection of projects to subsidy schemes
  3. Provide advice on subsidy schemes
  4. Collect necessary attachments and draw up a project plan
  5. Submitting grant application
  6. Contact and answering questions from the subsidy provider

Accountability and project administration

For some grant programs, the grant decision asks for documentation to be provided during or after the grant period. You may be asked to provide project records showing how the grant money was used and what the project results were. Consistent and consistent record keeping in a grant project can be perceived as difficult and Ekwadraat can support this.

Leading projects

Getting started with energy subsidies

Curious about which subsidies apply to your project? We will perform a subsidy scan for you and determine the best subsidy ring. Please contact us for more information.

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