Solar energy

The sun is an endless source of renewable energy and a powerful one at that. In one minute, the sun produces more energy than the entire earth can consume in four years.

With the use of solar panels, this energy can be optimally utilized. Not for nothing have we seen a great increase in the generation of solar energy for years. This is mainly due to the sharp drop in the price of solar panels and the incentives developed by the government. This price drop can be clearly seen in the graph below:



The end is not yet in sight. The price per watt is expected to continue to fall in the coming years. Financially, therefore, it is becoming increasingly interesting to invest in solar panels.

This effect is reinforced by the slew of incentives designed to further increase the generation of solar energy in the Netherlands.


6 phases for the development
of a successful solar project

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Stimulate solar energy

To meet climate goals, the Dutch government has developed a number of incentives. Some of these are specifically aimed at solar energy.

For private individuals, there is the net-metering scheme. This allows you to deduct the electricity generated by your solar panels from the electricity you have consumed at the same rate at the end of the year.

For companies and project developers, there are many other schemes. They can take advantage of other incentives, including:

- The SDE++ subsidy
- Environmental investment allowance (MIA)
- Random depreciation of environmental investments (VAMIL)
- Small-scale investment deduction (KIA)
- Zip code scheme
- Energy investment deduction (EIA)

Not every subsidy is applicable to every solar panel project. Therefore, before starting a project, it is smart to find out which subsidies you are eligible for. With a thorough plan, you can optimize the eligibility of your project.

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Two types of solar projects


In the Netherlands, we see two types of business solar energy projects:

  • Solar parks
  • Solar panels on business premises.

Below we elaborate on these.

Solar farm

A solar park, in short, is a field of solar panels. These panels supply power to the electricity grid, and in return the entrepreneur receives a fee.

This compensation consists partly of revenue from the bare electricity, supplemented by the SDE subsidy for solar panels. In addition, additional subsidies sometimes apply.

When an SDE subsidy for solar panels is granted, it is always for a period of 15 years. That means 15 years of certainty of this income. This greatly reduces the investment risk of a solar farm.

Nevertheless, realizing a solar park can remain a major challenge. There are a number of aspects that need attention before you want to build a solar park, including:

- Planning feasibility
- Permits
- Embedding in the landscape
- Environmental management
- Eligibility
- Financing

On our page about solar parks you can read all about realizing a solar park.

All about solar parks

Solar panels for your business premises

More and more companies are using the roof of their premises to generate solar energy. In doing so, companies are taking responsibility for making our country more sustainable.

In addition, a roof with solar panels also offers many opportunities financially. Typically, a project pays for itself in 7 to 10 years.

A solar panel can function for up to 25 years. After that many years, aging is only 7% on average. That means the yield is still 93% of the maximum return.

The math adds up quickly: a solar roof can exempt you from energy costs for many years.

Unfortunately, not every commercial building is suitable for applying solar energy. It depends, for example, on the orientation of your roof and the type of grid connection.

Are you curious whether your company's roof is suitable? Then check out our page on solar panels for businesses.

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Leading projects

Ekwadraat helped us realize solar panels on our roof. There was 30,000 euros difference between the various offers of suppliers. With the independent guidance of Ekwadraat we were able to make the right choice for a supplier that fit our needs. As a result, we saved considerably on the cost of the installation.

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Rick van Houten
Director of Timboco Kozijntechniek

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